Letting Go of Worry

Life can often feel like walking
blindly into a cave

Where there are no known facts
of what is beyond our existing vision

A seemingly dark
and heavily anxious space

Mystery is ever present

Uneasiness abounds

Each day I enter that metaphorical cave

Taking a walk in mystery

Sometimes there is intense uncertainty
or unpredictability like I have never known

I no longer walk
surrounded in fear

What lay ahead
does not give me pause

I make the choice to commence
despite any hovering hesitations

How did I get to this mindset?

Years of worrying

Disrupted days and nights.

Living on the edge
of numerous proverbial cliffs

Asking myself
when the next ball will drop

With blunt force
or a more nuanced slap

Spending my days in
a constant disquieted state

The hamster wheel ensnaring
my thoughts

Refusing to let go
because of pride

my need for comfort

Avoiding the dark face of my fears
denying their existence

Finally taking that leap

Stirring up the faith
within me

Taking the Leap

Some of these words are from a prompt I wrote a while ago about the “Coming of Winter”. To me it is not just winter where uncertainty and darkness surrounds us. Ambivalence and worry is always in season.

We all are aware that worry is an unproductive and futile emotional response to life’s disruptions and battles. Unfortunately many of us do it anyway.

It seems a learned behavior passed down from all the worry warts that came before us. To ruminate is to feel like we are doing something, anything, while someone is in peril or we personally feel out of control.


If it is out of our control, worrying will not move the needle to the solved column. And I can wish that these conclusions had come to me a bit earlier in life. On the other hand, those experiences are what led me to this awakened mindset.

Knowing fear and worry is conquering fear and worry.

Taking that leap with an unwavering faith in ourselves. It honestly takes only a few jumps before we feel a level of comfort with the process of letting go.

Worry is the fear we manufacture; it is a choice.

Image: Walking in Mystery, acrylic on canvas 36″ x 36″

This piece went through numerous iterations until it arrived at this place. I realized the emergence of several subconscious revelations as I reflected back on the work. There are three small figurative images walking in the distance. They may symbolize me, several shadows of me, my family of three or other figures in my life. Still not sure. I am intrigued by the idea of walking in mystery and having faith in the unknown.

Michelle Lindblom Studio



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