Watch Michelle’s painting process through her YouTube Videos

Michelle Lindblom demonstrating and discussing her painting process during the Watercolor Society of Oregon Conference, April 2023 in Bend, Oregon. Michelle paints to a selection of music, stopping periodically to discuss the work she is creating. She is funny and down to earth as she welcomes her audience into the beauty that is the evolution of a painting.

Short video of my painting process on this mixed media acrylic piece completed in March 2022. It took over several months to get the work to the place it was guiding me. The final element was adhering an actual snake skin to the work. 

Using material from my 1985 wedding veil, I placed the material across the canvas to create initial movement, texture to break up the composition. And although the piece began as a vertical and somewhat figurative, it preferred to be horizontal. 

My display of original paintings at Sage Framing and Gallery in Bend, Oregon during the month of April 2022.

My March/April 2022 Display at the Red Chair Gallery in Bend, OR.

A reworked painting from over 7 years ago. Adding some organza material from my wedding veil to the surface using modeling paste, created some wonderful texture, depth and movement.

This video gives you a taste of what I do when creating a monotype using my Takach printmaking press.

Visual artist Michelle Lindblom documents the painting process and evolution of her acrylic painting “Out of the Shadows” using time lapse. There are several intervals where she talks about the work as it progresses. She chose Imogen Heap’s instrumental version of “Little Bird” to accompany the video. 

Five minute video of the collaboration between pianist, Paula Dreyer and visual artist, Michelle Lindblom. Art inspiring art, people inspiring people. The title is “Echos”, 36″ x 36″ mixed media acrylic.  

Visual artist, Michelle Lindblom gives a glimpse of the first step in the evolution of this painting. Final piece “Eruption”, acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 16″ 

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – A short video of her creative and intuitive painting process. This piece is “Dance with Earth” 20″ x 16″ mixed media acrylic.  

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – During the month of May 2021, Michelle will be exhibiting her original acrylic paintings at the Oxford Hotel, Bend, OR. See more of her work at 

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – A short video discussing my process. This is an example of the “ugly stage” as I subconsciously begin to discover the beauty of what the piece may eventually reveal. See more of my work at 

Visual Artist and Blogger Michelle Lindblom – “Embracing My Beautiful Daughter” – pre-recorded version created by Dakota Media Access to be aired periodically on their FreeTV channel. See more of her original work at

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – A real time video of the first step of this new work. I prefer not to talk while I am painting because it will take me out of the zone. I talk a bit about what I just did at the end of the video. See more of my original works at 

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – Six minute guided tour through my living/studio space, Bend, Oregon. Connecting to others as we shelter in place on a global scale. See more details of original work & artist blog at

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – A short video chronicling the final step of completing this work. “Luminous Exodus”, acrylic painting on canvas 36″ x 36″ . 

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – Embracing My Beautiful Daughter – live version, November 2019. See Michelle’s orignal works and her artist blog at

Visual Artist Michelle Lindblom – This time lapse video created in my studio for the ND Film Festival (2 minute). Video credit goes to Abigail Anderson View Michelle’s original works and blog at


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