Teeth clench
Shoulders tighten
Brow furrow
Mouth grimaces
Stomach churns
Heart hurts
Spirit diminishes
Optimism shadows
Eyes dull
Trust hesitates
Ability to see the light dims
Faith in humanity challenged.

These are physical and emotional manifestations that have come up many times throughout my life. Not all at once, but differently with each varied incident that prompts my rage.

Luckily, not so much these days.

Although, I am still triggered on occasion and these sensations do come into play. Gratefully, I am far enough in my journey to recognize the value in counterbalancing these states of being. Harboring pent up emotions is not good for anyone’s mental or physical health.

Furthermore, it is does not move our collective humanity forward either.

Faith in Humanity According to An Aries

As an Aries, my modus operandi is learning most things the hard way. Which, if I am being honest, is the only way for an Aries to fully embrace the journey. Besides this is how we formulate our next moves by experiencing actually getting into the mud, then crawling our way out.

Basically, our fate is that we need first hand knowledge of the struggle.

My fire sign gives me permission to jump into the flames before thinking or worrying about the end results. Which precludes me from judging a path too intently until I have crossed it. Subsequently, the results on the other side can be disappointing. I put a great deal of blind faith in myself, not realizing that others involved may not be on the same page.

Aries are optimists but we also suffer from selfishness. We often prefer to go it alone, not necessarily concerned if anyone else comes along. This can often lead to some inevitable negative outcomes.

Additionally, this does not move our collective humanity forward. No human is an island.

Optimism with a Realist Bent

I want to foster my faith in humanity because the alternative is not my jam. A cynic, I am not.

One of the ways I have learned to counter those black hole alternatives is absorbing the natural environment around me. Such as, appreciating the everyday nuances. Nature is the basis of humanity. Every creature and living thing works in concert throughout the year to provide stability. It’s really rather amazing.

And something that is taken for granted.

On the flip side of the harmony nature provides us is when mother earth wields her sword and gives us natural disasters and the like. She too is triggered by our less than humanitarian actions against her and wants us all to wake the hell up. She will not be taken for granted anymore.

Humanity is a two sided coin. One side gives us evidence of our careless, greedy, selfish and destructive treatment toward earth and each other.

The other side, we are the first to assist when those catastrophes or unjust behaviors occur. We step up and work hard to rectify what has been done.

Humanity Wins

Humanity wins every time and my faith remains in the solid optimist category. Although, we cannot get all wrapped up in those positive humanity vibes for too long. Resting on our laurels is not an option. Ignoring the root causes of these calamities and atrocities will not make them disappear.

Putting faith in our fellow humans is the only way to work toward solutions. There is no superhero waiting in the wings ready to swoop down and wipe all the discord away.

Presently, I have an amazing amount of faith in our young people. They realize the impacts we are facing, they are informed and are taking action where they can. We need to allow them to do so and move with them.

The Triggers That Clog My Thought Stream

When the call to action becomes imperative, the physical manifestations of fear, anger, frustration rear their uncomfortable horns. Thus clogging my thought stream.

We all know individuals that shirk their responsibilities toward humanity. There is evidence of their inhumane behavior each day as we go about our business. Whether it be at our workplace, places we frequent or through absorbing the news cycle.

This is sure fire trigger for me.

The worst of humanity are those only concerned with their own sick and twisted desires to control the masses. Making sure the populace is kept in the darkness of misinformation or lack of information. Or the obscure, quiet individual hell bent on seeking revenge at the local grocery store with a weapon of their choice.

As an Aries, I cannot in good faith deny the realities of the world. Above all, Rams do not sit in a bunker waiting for the apocalypse. We need to know the score and do what we can in our little section of the world to counter the madness.

This is how we feel a part of something beyond ourselves.

Regardless, my temper still flares, I rant about current events and clench my jaw when I know no words will suffice regarding a response. I am living and breathing the truths that I feel exist.

The counterweight is that I absorb the good that is occurring all over. Reading, observing, participating, making sure the information I obtain is as balanced as it can be.

In particular, grasping the backstory and taking what steps I can in moving humanity forward.

Image: Entangled Emotion, 36″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas

This piece represents a full on entanglement of the emotions that envelope us, if we allow them to take over. There is lightness and openness if we choose to see it. In reality and in the perfect Aries fashion of fire, I address my emotions through art.

A solid strategy to staying relatively sane in this wonderful, crazy world.

Michelle Lindblom Studio


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