A Soul

A deep conversation.

An intense look.

Seeing her for the first time

as the soul I knew before.

I lost her

to a world she thought she preferred

instead of the one into which she was born.

The world where she was loved unconditionally.

She left for an abyss

that takes the soul.

Spits it out.

Manipulates it beyond recognition.

A soul that then waits in the shadow.

Quietly persisting.

Only to be revealed after endless searching.

Years of pretending,

misguided and misplaced expectations,

hiding behind chemicals

to numb the pain.

Reaching for a transitory high

only to feel empty in the end.

Death of love,


the false self.

Death of addiction.

After years of escaping the truth.

Avoiding realities.

The soul emerges enriched

by experiences that needed to occur

in order to fully grasp its worth.

Its value.

Quietly Persisting

My daughter has resurfaced as a wise, alert, beautiful soul. Wise beyond her years. Just as I remember when she was ten. The faith I carried when she was young did not fail me through her years in addiction.

I knew she would come up for air, breath in what might be and decide to stay.

All the things we unconsciously and consciously taught and modeled for her are being actualized. She has become the daughter I always knew she was capable of being. The quirky, independent, smart, generous child she was before monkey mind took over her soul.

Life threw her unexpected (and expected) curves, twists, turns and roller coaster rides. I was thrown into those same manipulative twists. Although I may have been a bystander during the early years, I was quickly drawn in when chaos ensued.

The Soul Resurfaced

The fire in her belly is strong and compassionate. She feels everything.

All the things she missed during the years in addiction. It has been like observing a child learning to walk, talk, eat, experience nature, meet a new friend, be open to the possibilities.

Sensory overload hits her psyche like a brick at times. Some days are difficult to manage. Fortunately she has the presence of mind (and body) to allow patience and compassion to enter into her daily practice. Taking it slow, absorbing, feeling, responding, loving as the person she is now.

I know her soul has come a great distance when she no longer responds with “I’m fine” when asked. Instead, there is a conversation, sometimes short, sometimes long, about what is happening right now. Realizing the value of her personal well being is sinking into her soul. Not setting it aside simply because of convenience for others or for me.

Soul Connection

For someone who did not want to have children, I was meant to have this soul in my life. Through her life, showing me the way to my own sense of being. Yes I may have gotten some of what she has taught me through others. But the DNA connection is what has become extraordinary. We share so many of the same traits, but have maneuvered through them differently.

Those altered perspectives are vital to expanding the soul’s ability to empathize with what the universe brings our way. Furthermore, a realization that nothing stays the same. Life can and will turn on a dime.

Image: Migrating Below the Surface, monotype

This work is a one of kind monotype. I used actual snake skin to create the imagery. And although I am afraid of snakes, I decided to move beyond my fear and into a place of acceptance. Acceptance of the beauty that is in the texture, color, complexity and symbolism of a snake. This creature regularly sheds its skin and begins anew. Transforms, replenishes, alters its appearance and moves on. That transformation can be done quietly below the surface in preparation for what may come next.


Michelle Lindblom Studio



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