As a visual artist, I came to realize that art was an outlet for me early on, but on an unconscious level. I did not understand its hold on me until I came to the revelation that art fulfilled an intrinsic need. Creating art evolved into a means of connecting to my true self. And along that artistic journey I discovered the importance of extending my creative voice beyond the studio. This has led me to reveal parts of my soul as I share and connect my work with the universe.

The imagery in my work portrays a continuous dialogue with my psyche, the universe, and the nuances of everyday experiences.

Besides the paintings and monotypes I create, I have found through my blog “An Artist’s Journey” that words are an additional vehicle in which I can express myself. My blog weaves my art and daily journey into something less abstract and more concrete for my audience and followers. Because abstract works can sometimes be difficult to understand by themselves, my words give some clarity for viewers.

Essentially and simply, I am a creative using art and words to express and connect with the universe.

My work can be seen at the following galleries: Red Chair Gallery, 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend, OR, Angi D Wildt Gallery, 106 10th St., Astoria, OR
and through High Desert Art League

Member of NAWA (National Association of Women Artists) since 1994.

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Available Work

figurative, acrylic, abstract, canvas, Michelle Lindblom

Studio Chronicles

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An Artist's Journey Blog

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Visual Artist, Michelle Lindblom’s Featured Art of the Month

“Familial Divergence II”, mixed media monotype, 24″ x 18″

Mixed Media Monotype: To create this monotype, I applied water based printmaking ink to a plexiglass surface using brushes and rollers. I placed various materials on top to get different textures, in this case, dried leaves and plastic bubble wrap. Damp printmaking paper was placed on top of the plate and run through my Takach printmaking press. After the piece was printed, inks were used on parts of the piece that I wanted to bring forward and emphasize.

The work is inspired by family dynamics and how to visually depict these dynamics in a natural setting using objects and textures from nature. The three leaves represent someone in my immediate family, my spouse, daughter and me. Our connections are varied and sometimes tenuous, but still supportive of one another.

abstract painting, out of obscurity-revival, acrylic, canvas, original, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, spiritual
abstract monotype, figurative monotype, figurative mixed media, mixed media monotype, mixed media painting, painting, mixed media, monotype, printmaking, abstract, nature, dreams, michelle lindblom, contemporary, contemporary monotype
abstract painting, out of obscurity revival, acrylic, canvas, original, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, spiritual

This time lapse video was created using still photos of an afternoon painting session in my studio. The photography and video credit go to Abigail Anderson. Abby’s goal was to create a 2 minute video for the North Dakota Film Festival and we collaborated on the project with wonderful results. The music was provided by Kid with Beards and their song, “Time of the Season”.

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