I grew up ill-equipped to use my voice to express whatever was happening within and around me. I was often a silent bystander. Art became an outlet but on an unconscious level. I did not realize its hold on me until later in life when I came to realize that art fulfilled an intrinsic need. Creating art became a means of connecting me to my true self. Early on it was a private affair, one I did not want to share with anyone. Luckily my life experiences have helped me overcome my lack of confidence. I now have the courage to speak up, reveal my soul, share and connect my work with the universe.

The imagery in my work portrays a continuous dialogue with my psyche and the nuances of everyday experiences.

My work can also be seen at the following galleries: Red Chair Gallery, 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend, OR, Angi D Wildt Gallery, 106 10th St., Astoria, OR
and through High Desert Art League www.highdesertartleague.com

emerging from turbulence, visual artist, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, contemporary, abstract,
Spirits of Giza, Michelle Lindblom, acrylic on canvas

Current Exhibitions. Click on the image for details or the gallery button for information.

natural evolution, nature, leaves, modern art, Michelle Lindblom, visual artist, acrylic painting, mixed media, contemporary
priestess, journey, acrylic, canvas, abstract, figurative, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, mixed media
she rises, angelic, figurative, modern art, Michelle Lindblom, visual artist, acrylic painting, mixed media, contemporary, flight
blog, fluctuating desires, original, mixed media, monotype, michelle lindblom
rising, landscape. oranges, reds, blues, monotype, mixed media, abstract nature, mixed media, Michelle Lindblom, contemporary, nature

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