Michelle Lindblom was raised in the Midwest of the 1960s and 70s. Defying the odds of traditional middle American expectations, she followed her intuitive nature, pursuing artistic endeavours.

Undergraduate studies in the fine art department at the University of New Orleans nurtured and liberated Michelle’s voice. Meanwhile, the entire New Orleans experience influenced and changed her perspective on the value of art and life in general. As she continued her higher education, the work she created transitioned toward the abstract. Realistic imagery no longer fueled or satisfied her soul.

Her education and a quiet persistence in the arts have offered Michelle rich experiences teaching at the elementary and college level, working as a gallery coordinator, exhibition juror and serving on community arts committees. She travels extensively and has been exhibiting her work across the United States since 1990.

Upon leaving her 24-year career as a fine art college professor and moving west, Michelle began focusing the narrative of her work on revealing the stories of her journey through life.

A painter and printmaker, Michelle works out of her home studio located along the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon.


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Her work can be seen at:
Red Chair Gallery, 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend, OR
Angi D Wildt Gallery, 106 10th St., Astoria, OR
Member of High Desert Art League
Member of NAWA (National Association of Women Artists) since 1994.

Visual Artist, Michelle Lindblom’s Featured Art of the Month

“Spiritual Energy I”, monotype, 24″ x 18″

spiritual energy, monotype, printmaking, original, nature, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, spiritual
spiritual energy, snake skins, renewal, monotype, printmaking, original, nature, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, spiritual
spiritual energy, monotype, printmaking, original, nature, michelle lindblom, bend oregon, spiritual

“Spiritual Energy I” is a one of kind monotype on nutmeg colored Lamali paper. I created a series of these images using snake skins given to me by a friend. She knows I like to incorporate different materials in my work, but is unaware of my childhood fear of snakes. So this was an exercise in coming to terms with that fear while embracing the beauty and symbolism of the snake.

When I opened the package that contained the skins, I was truly amazed. The textures were magnificant and the skins basically in tact. In other words, still the shape of the snakes that shed them. I honestly never cared how snakes shed, so was unaware of the beauty of their process. But my stance on these reptiles was softening and I saw the potential.

Besides keeping their shape, the skins were extremely durable and took quite a beating as I used them over and over again. The layers I achieved, were so satisfying and made me smile. I do not often get a good print that I feel does not need more work after I pull it.

The series became one of renewal and a shedding of the past, making way for new perspectives and possibilities. Click on this link to see more of the series, Monotypes


This time lapse video was created using still photos of an afternoon painting session in my studio. The photography and video credit go to Abigail Anderson. Abby’s goal was to create a 2 minute video for the North Dakota Film Festival and we collaborated on the project with wonderful results. The music was provided by Kid with Beards and their song, “Time of the Season”. See more process videos by clicking on this link: Videos

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