Visual art became an outlet for me early on, but on an unconscious level. I did not realize its hold on me until I came to the realization that art fulfilled an intrinsic need. Creating art became a means of connecting me to my true self. And along that artistic journey I discovered the importance of extending my creative voice beyond the studio. This has led me to openly reveal my soul as I share and connect my work with the universe.

The imagery in my work portrays a continuous dialogue with my psyche, the universe, and the nuances of everyday experiences.

My work can be seen at the following galleries: Red Chair Gallery, 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend, OR, Angi D Wildt Gallery, 106 10th St., Astoria, OR
and through High Desert Art League

Featured Art of the Month – “Matriarchal Dance”, monotype, 30″ x 24″ (framed)

migration, violet, yellow, monotype, contemporary, mixed media, abstract nature, mixed media, Michelle Lindblom, contemporary, nature

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